Special Guided Tours in Passau 



1 hour

57 €

1,5 hours

73 €

2 hours

96 €

2,5 hours

117 €


A Royal-Imperial Promenade through Passau

Through out the centuries Passau has always been visited by many crowned heads in war and peace. You will hear about very welcome and sometimes not so welcome royal and imperial visitors like Friedrich Barbarossa, Maria Theresia or Napoleon in a breath-taking and fascinating tour.


Duration:1,5 hours

Combined Tour: A Royal-Imperial Promenade with a Visit of the Glass-Museum

After a tour through the Old Town of Passau you will have a closer look at royal and imperial implements and glass accessories. The Glass-Museum Passau will present a wide range of glass owned by kings, emperors, czars and popes, and glass pieces shown at the Great World Exhibitions of Paris and Chicago. 


Duration:2 hours
Entrance Fee:2 € per person



Following Empress Sissi`s Traces

Empress Sissi stayed three times in Passau: when she travelled to Vienna to get married, for a family convention and incognito. Follow her traces and visit the Empress-Sissi-Room in the Hotel "Wilder Mann". 


Duration:1,5 hours
Entrance Fee:1 € per person for Empress-Sissi-Rooms (groups of 8 and more)

Magic winter

After a walk through the wintry alleys of the old town there is the visit of a traditional confectionery. Here the pastrycook himself shows how to bake gingerbread and there will be the opportunity to taste it with a glass of mulled wine. All guests will also receive a small pastry present. The pedestrian area invites for shopping. During Christmastime an other highlight will be the visit of the Christkindlmarket just in front of the Cathedral.


Duration:2,5 hours
Extra Fee:costs for additional program on demand

Passau twinkles and gleams

Experience an atmospheric idyllic and adventurous torch-light walk through the sparkling old town from the city hall through the artalley street (Höllgasse) to the Christkindlmarket and then to the junction point of the three rivers. To warm up mulled wine and punch will be served.


Duration:1,5 hours (Middle of Nov. - end of Dec. Begin 16:00)
Extra Fee:costs for additional program on demand


Sweet and pleasure

Try yourself as a Patissier and create out of finest         marzipan the original "Passauer Tölpel“. Have a glass of own Passau wine “Stiftswein” in the historical wine tavern the "Heilig-Geist-Stift-Schenke“.


Duration:2 hours
Extra Fee:costs for additional program on demand

The Three-Rivers-City throughout the ages

What was life like for the people of Passau during the past centuries? What did they make, what products did they trade? From when can you talk about a city life existence? What was life like living between the rivers, at first under the power of the Prince Bishops and later in the Kingdom of Bavaria? Accompany the Passau inhabitants through the ages of time from the beginning to the present day.


Duration:1,5 hours


Alleys are Tale-Tellers

Every alley, every place and many a house has its own name. Names which tell us stories about the former days of Passau. Stories that help us to put together the history of Passau like a jigsaw puzzle. Have a guided tour with stories and tales that Passau's alleys, places and houses tell.


Duration:1,5 hours

Passau - Centre of the Salt Trade

Passau optimally located at the important trade routes Danube, Inn and the so-called "Golden Trail" has been for centuries the centre of trade with salt originally from the Alps. For centuries Passau has been an independent Prince bishopric state between Bavaria, Austria and Bohemia. The trade with its neighbouring countries guaranteed the locals for centuries and centuries wealth and the town a flourishing culture. The tour tells you more about the importance of the salt trade for Passau and shows you sights connected with the former salt trade.


Duration:1,5 hours

"Medieval Crafts" - Through the Old Town

Craftsmen and their crafts coined the former days of Passau. The importance of Passau as a centre of trade and an independent Episcopal see made many crafts flourish. Most of the town's residents were organized in numerous crafts and made their livings as artisans. This tour tells you about old and long forgotten crafts and their former importance for the "THREE_RIVERS_CITY" of Passau. 


Duration:1,5 hours



Combined Tour "Medieval Crafts" and a visit of the Museum of Veste Oberhaus

A visit of the Museum with its many exhibits complements the tour "Medieval Crafts" perfectly. 


Duration:2,5 hours
Entrance Fee:4 € per person

Bus needed! 


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