Passau's Highlights

Passau - the "Three-Rivers-City" is really one of a kind. Witness the fascinating natural spectacle of the confluence of three rivers: the Danube, Inn and Ilz.

The Old Town of Passau, rebuilt in the 17th century by Italian baroque masters after a devastating town fire, is outstandingly beautiful. In the heart of Passau rises the Cathedral of St. Steven with its three characteristic, green onion-domed towers.

Most of the sights are in Passau’s Old Town: many churches, the New Bishop’s Residence, the magnificent gothic Town Hall and most of Passau’s museums.Picturesque places, romantic lanes and enchanting riverfront promenades invite visitors to take a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The fortress "Veste Oberhaus" in the North and the Pilgrimage Church "Mariahilf" in the South are enthroned high above Passau’s Old Town.

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