Danube Riverboat line Wurm+Noé

The local Danube riverboat line Wurm & Köck offers three rivers city tours by boat, pleasure trips and excursions of several hours through the lovely Bavarian and Austrian Danube valley, evening trips with music and dance, buffet trips on a gala ship and a great variety of diverse theme trips. A great chance to experience and enjoy the beautiful Three Rivers City and the appealing Danube landscape by boat.



Danube Ark

A very special experience: the nostalgic Danube Ark.

The rustic and cosy atmosphere combined with hearty entertainment and traditional food will inspire you. The beauty of the Danube will cast its spell on you.




Inn Riverboat Trips

Take an Inn riverboat trip from Schärding to Passau on the MS Gerda with Captain Schaurecker and enjoy the beautiful protected landscape of the lower Inn.

Nature at its best between the baroque town of Schärding and the power plant Passau – Ingling. See the gigantic Inn shaping and numerous sights of the region (fortifications, castles and untouched nature).


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