St. Stephen`s Cathedral

Passau's magnificent St.Stephen's Cathedral is located on the old town's highest point. After it had burnt down almost completely in the devastating 1662 town fire, it was rebuilt by the famous baroque architect Carlo Lurago. Its stucco works were done by G.B.Carlone and the frescos were painted by Carpoforus Tencalla, all of them Italien baroque artists.

With 17974 organ pipes, 233 stops and 4 carillons the organ in our cathedral is the world's largest cathedral organ. All five parts of the organ can be played from the main key board, one at a time or all together, offering the visitor an unforgettable acoustical delight.


Bischöfliches Ordinariat
Residenzplatz 8
94032 Passau
Telefon: 0851-3930


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