The ancient Passau: residence of the prince bishop, wealthy trading town and therefore excellent breeding ground for the arts, music and culture. Its wide cultural testimonies range from Passau as part of the setting of "Nibelung’s Epic Poem", the construction of the outstandingly artistic gothic cathedral and its impressive baroque rebuilding after the great townfires of the years 1662 and 1680, the music of the great cathedral and court musician Wolf Huber, the unique artwork of the gifted painter Ferdinand Wagner and the popular novels of the writers Adalbert Stifter and Hans Carossa.

Today modern festivals like the European Weeks (Europäische Wochen), the performances at our former prince bishopric theatre, lively cabaret and jazz in our Scharfrichterhaus, concerts and festivals enrich the city’s culture and lifestyle. Numerous museums, galeries, art workshops and studios are located in the heart of Passau.


In our brochure Experience Passau discover museums, galleries, stages and events in the city on three rivers.

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