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Meetings with Passau's History

A fascinating spectacle arrangement. Exciting meetings with 6 different characters of Passau‘s history: An episcopal knight tries to prevent uprisings, an Italian cathedral-architect has to solve enormous problems, Anna Maria Mozart is outraged by an absolutely disappointing visit ... In the end, a sweet surprise awaits you in an artist’s studio!


Date: 22.01. / 12.02. / 05.03. / 09.04. / 07.05. / 18.06. / 16.07. / 24.09. / 22.10. / 12.11. / 17.12. - 4 p.m.

Duration: 2 hours

Prices: adults 19,00 EUR, 9,00 EUR children

Minimum 4 persons; prior notice via phone or mail

Meeting point: town hall tower

Languages: D


Passauer Stadtfuchs-Touren (Matthias Koopmann)

Lindental 46c
94032 Passau
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Telefon: +49(0)851 45892; mobile: +49(0)151 44667551


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