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Hiking in Passau & surroundings

A breathtaking location on three rivers, impressive sights and a lively gastronomy: Passau has a lot to offer, and that is valued especially by hikers. The THREE_RIVERS_CITY is located on several international hiking paths and is perfect for a longer stay. Lots of accommodation providers are located near the paths and warmly welcome tourists. All important sights in Passau are in walking distance.

You want to hike to Passau? You want to have a bird’s eye view of the THREE_RIVERS_CITY Passau? You want to walk through the beautiful and untouched landscape along the banks of our rivers? You will find a great variety of hiking trails in and around Passau.


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All about hiking

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Suggestions for hikes


Oberhaus – Ilz Valley or quarter Hacklberg


At the level of the suspension bridge is the access to the battlement walk up to fortress "Veste Oberhaus". This slope, the "Oberhauser Leite", is part of the nature reserve "Donauleiten", which extends from Passau to Jochenstein. In the past, wine was even grown here, which was named "Oberhauserleiten-Gneisscholle". The battlement walk ends at "Veste Oberhaus", where the hike can be continued towards Ilz valley or via Freudenhain Castle and the city park at quarter "Hacklberg".



Ilz Valley: Passau - Triftsperre - Passau

Distance: 8,1 km | Duration: 1:45 h | Challenge: easy | ↑ : 66 m

From the city centre towards "Römerplatz"; Cross the Danube at the suspension bridge and turn right after the pedestrian traffic light through the left tunnel. Keep left at parking deck "Ilzbrücke" and continue on "Halser Straße". Keep left at the market place in quarter "Hals" and follow the marker 23. After the dam follow left the course of the river Ilz. At "Triftsperre" is a refreshment stop on the opposite side of the river. From here is an extension of the hike towards "Oberilzmühle" reservoir possible. The way back leads through "Triftsperrtunnel", then left along the Ilz to the pedestrian bridge. Then left over the car bridge and immediately right again onto the hiking trail. Keep left at the next bridge. Turn right into "Achatiusstraße" and follow "Stromlänge" until the traffic lights. Turn right over the pedestrian bridge into "Bschüttpark" and walk back from the parking deck to "Römerplatz".



Hiking loop city park "Hacklberg" - Freudenhain Castle

Distance: 2,8 km | Duration: 0:45 h | Challenge: easy | ↑ : 79 m

Cross the Danube at "Schanzlbrücke" heading out of town. Half left via "Eggendobl" to "Neue Rieser Straße". Immediately left again using the cross-walk to "Vilshofener Straße" and after 5 m right to "Alte Rieser Straße". Continue left uphill. After 75 m is on the left the entrance to the park. Follow the path past a yellow cottage until you reach a crossroads. From here various possibilities for hiking routes, e.g. via the "Egyptian Grotto" to the former "American Garden House". Back from the crossroads downhill to the exit at the brewery with the possibility to stop for a bite to eat. Walk along "Vilshofener Straße" towards the city centre. From the junction "Neue Rieser Straße" take the same way back over "Schanzlbrücke".



Hiking loop "Neuburger Wald"

Distance: 5,2 km | Duration: 1:15 h | Challenge: easy | ↑ : 100 m

Start at the bus stop "Kohlbruck" (bus line 5/6 e.g. from ZOB). From St. John's Chapel walk back to the bridge and cross it. Follow the path straight ahead. The hiking marker 3 leads towards Kellberg and soon turns right. Follow the path and after about 1,7 km turn right at the junction. Follow marker 3 and cross the bridge back to the starting point.

Alternative: After crossing the bridge, do not turn right, but go straight ahead past the animal shelter to the river Inn. Turn right there and walk passing the rowing club buildings to the hiking car park "Ingling". From here, turn right again, where you will finally get back to marker 3 (Distance: 6,4 km | Duration: 1:30 h).


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