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Open Guided Tours

Find here open guided tours 2024 for individual guests. Discover the beautiful THREE_RIVERS_CITY of Passau!

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Passau Highlights

Join us for a little stroll through the historic center of Passau.

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Passau‘s Glory & Misery

An exciting drama-tour will take you back to baroque times ...

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Passau City Tour

Join us on a gorgeous walk through the old city of Passau.

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3 Courses at 3 Locations

Enjoy 3 different courses at 3 different places in the centre of Passau ...

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Guided Evening Stroll

During this one-hour walking tour you will hear interesting stories and tales of Passau‘s past and present ...

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The Lindl: Passau's Night Watchman

A cheerful-thrilling drama-tour: A night watchman roams with you through the romantically lit bavarian Venice ...

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Food on Foot Tour

We combine culinary specialties of Passau with entertaining stories about its history, culture and people ...

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Historical Meetings & Sweet Delights

Exciting meetings with very different characters of Passaus history ...

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Passau´s Tragedies

Again and again, Passau was hit by the worst catastrophes, and its citizens suffered terrible fears ...

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It´s Christmas-time in Passau

Enjoy with us a (pre-)Christmas walk through the baroque city of Passau...

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Castle Tour

Discover one of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe and learn exciting details ...

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Castle Tour for Families

Discover with your family one of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe ...

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Passau´s Cathedral - Message & Masterpiece

Don't just marvel at the largest baroque cathedral north of the Alps, but learn to read and understand properly ...

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Hals Castle – Crusaders & City Founder

A knightly search for traces through the buildings and vaults of the Halser Count’s Castle...

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Scavenger Hunt

Explore the hidden alleyways of Passau by this fun treasure hunt ...

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Passau 4 Kids

To offer kids a fun experience in town, it requires nothing but action, games, riddles, and a bite to eat ...

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Culinary Delights: All About Beer

Did you know that the Bavarian Purity Law of beer is more than 500 years old and is still applied?

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Culinary Delights Bio-ve-nal

Explore Passau sustainably with our organic vegetarian tour: 5 culinary vegetarian delicacies ...

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Culinary Delights: The Light and Fruity One

Did you know that there used to be citrus trees in Passau in 1554 grown by the prince bishops?

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Culinary Delights: All About Spices

Passau used to be a hotspot for the trade of spices and goods from the orient and occident for centuries ...

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Historic and Culinary Tidbits of Passau

On this entertaining guided tour you will not only learn the most interesting facts about the old town of Passau ...

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