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Guided Tours for Groups

The perfect Passau experience for your group: Choose from numerous tours and topics. For more information, please contact the providers.

 Click here for open guided tours for individual guests.

Passau "Classic"

Stroll with us through the narrow, winding streets of the old town and listen to exiting stories and anecdotes along the way.

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Passau from an Insiders Point of View

Discover Passau from an insiders point of view and become an insider yourself!

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Passau - I'll show you

Passau is cosmopolitan and yet so Bavarian, modern and yet so traditional, young and yet so steeped in history.

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Passau Classical Tour

During this guided walk through Old Town Passau you'll hear amusing stories about the former prince bishops and their Upper House.

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History through Stories, exclusively in German

If you are searching for a run-of-the mill guided tour, we are not what you are looking for.

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Various Walking Tours

Join us on a gorgeous walk through the lovely historic part of Passau.

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City Tour in German Language

Experience our episcopal city of Passau and immerse yourself in the history of the beautiful old town.

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Passau - Glory & Misery

More information & adventure! An exciting drama-tour will take you back to baroque times. 

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Meetings with Passaus History

A particularly eventful and fascinating spectacle arrangement. Exciting meetings with very different characters of Passaus history.

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The "Lindl" - Passau with the Night-Watchman

A cheerful-thrilling drama-tour: A night-watchman roams with you through the romantically lit bavarian Venice.

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The Classics of Passau – Where Danube, Inn and Ilz unite People

More than 2000 years ago, early settlers chose this unique spot between three rivers as their safe haven.

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Meeting Craftspeople and Artists at Work

Combine your city walking tour with a visit of different craftspeople and watch them work in their workshops.

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Hike across Valleys and Hills

This journey through centuries starts there where millers used to produce flour for the daily bread on their shipmills.

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Stroll along the Shores of the Inn River

Two bridges join the heart of Passau and the so-called "Innstadt".

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All about Beer and „Bavarian Schmankerl“

Did you know that the Bavarian Purity Law of beer is more than 500 years old and is still applied?

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The Story and History of Coffee in Passau

Did you know that the story of coffee in Passau dates back more than 300 years?

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"Junior Professors of History"

Join us on our journey back in time – meet Romans and knights, learn about the big fire.

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Passau Foodie Tour

We combine culinary specialties of Passau with entertaining stories about its history, culture and people.

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