Passau Tourism Passau Tourism

Stroll along the Shores of the Inn River while enjoying the most pictoresque Views of Passau

Two bridges join the heart of Passau with its St. Stephan's cathedral as well as both palaces of the prince bishops and the so-called "Innstadt", origin of the Roman settlement in Passau and home of blacksmiths, tanners and tawers as well as ship millers during centuries long past.

Narrow and winding alleys are awaiting you while discovering traces of Romans and traditional craftsmen. Get a feel of the way of life during medieval times and the spirit of Baroque architecture. Enjoy magnificent views of the city, the pilgrimage church Mariahilf and fortress.


Duration: 2 hours

Maximum 30 persons


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Sechzehnerstraße 6c
94032 Passau
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