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Passau Classical Tour

During this guided walk through Old Town Passau you'll hear amusing stories about the former prince bishops and their Upper House. After Town Hall square with the highest highwater marks you'll get to the renowned executioner's (Scharfrichter) house with its comedians. Along the sunny Inn river you'll find out about the emperial wedding anecdotes before you will be strolling in the romantic alleys across the italian-looking Residence square with many souvenir shopping opportunities up to St.Steven's cathedral with the largest catholic church organ in the world.


Duration: max. 2 hours

Maximum 30 persons

Languages: D/GB/F/I/E/CZ/HU/R/NL/CH/J/PT


Donau Guides (Sebastian Frankenberger)

Milchgasse 3
94032 Passau
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