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Cycling in Passau

Passau – a paradise for cyclists at three rivers.


Passau offers a wide range of many different bicycle paths: short and long distance paths, theme trails such as the Austrian Romans Trail all the way to the five lakes in the Salzkammergut, the long distance Danube Cycle Path on the Austrian Danube from Passau to Vienna, the Inn bicycle path from Salzburg to the Tauern via Kufstein all the way to Switzerland and the cycling path on the German Danube from Donaueschingen to Passau.


For further information we recommend the brochure Wandern & Radfahren (Hiking & Cycling) - download it here (PDF, 1,5 MB, German) or find it in the Tourist Office.

Cycling in Passau

Cycle paths

The following cycle paths along Danube or Inn are starting, ending or crossing in Passau:

Roman Cycle Trail (Bayer.-Oberösterr. Römerradweg), Passau - Enns (A)

Danube Cycle Path (Deutscher Donauradweg), Donaueschingen - Passau

Danube-Ilz Cycle Trail (Donau-Ilz-Radweg), Niederalteich - Hutthurm/Kalteneck

Inn Cycle Trail (Inntalradweg), Passau - Maloja (CH)

Lower Bavaria Cycle Tour (Niederbayerntour), Regensburg - Passau

Austrian Danube Cycle Path (Österreichischer Donauradweg), Passau - Wien (A)

Tauern Cycle Trail (Tauernradweg), Passau - Salzburg / Krimml (A)

Trans Bayerwald: challenging route for mountainbikers


You can reach cycle paths along the following rivers via Passau:

  • Iller
  • Lech
  • Altmühl
  • Naab
  • Regen
  • Laaber
  • Isar
  • Vils
  • Rott
  • Salzach
  • Moldau/Vltava
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