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City Tower („Kapfingerturm“): Modern


The city tower with its trapezoidal ground plan forms the heart of Passau's New Centre. Green gneiss plates cover the facade of the 38-meter-high building. The nine floors house retail, offices, and medical practices. The top floor houses a restaurant with a panoramic view. The energy for the city tower is implemented by district heating with a low-energy standard. The tower forms a building complex with another commercial building and a shopping and entertainment centre. 


The city tower has stood on the former site of the Nibelungenhalle since 2007. After the demolition of the hall, which had been used for events for decades, this building complex was created here and on the neighbouring Exerzierplatz. Together with the central bus station, the Sparda building and the shopping mall ECE Stadtgalerie, the city tower forms Passau's "new centre". A referendum was held to decide on its design. 


University Church of St. Nikola: During an earthquake in Friuli, Italy, in 1348, which could also be felt in Passau, the church of that time was severely damaged. It was rebuilt in the Gothic style. The church belongs to the university campus together with the monastery of St. Nikola.

Klostergarten: This park, which is part of the Neue Mitte, is planted with 100 plane trees. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Passau's weekly market is held here.


City Tower

Nibelungenplatz 1
94032 Passau
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