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Roman Museum Kastell Boiotro: Ancient Rome


History visibly merges here: A late medieval residential house rests on the foundations of a Roman fort. Outside, in front of the striking rust-red museum building with its steep tiled roof, the remains of the fort have been reconstructed: an irregular trapezoid with fan-shaped tower outlines. A symbiosis of medieval construction, Roman traces and modernization is offered inside: Dark wooden beams and stone floors on the first floor, Roman quarry stone walls in the basement, open roof truss on the upper floor.


In 1974, an excavator driver came across wall remains during an excavation for a planned kindergarten construction. The ruins of one of the most important border stations of the Roman era along the "Wet Limes" came to light. The Boiotro fort was built around 280 AD. Passau was then a border town dominated by the military. Fort Boiotro is part of the Danube Limes, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2021.


Innsteg („Fünferlsteg“): The pedestrian and bicycle bridge in iron construction offers a wonderful view of the old town.

Severinstor: The former city gate and parts of the city wall are very well preserved at the western end of Lederergasse.

Church St. Severin: Passau's oldest preserved church in terms of masonry (13th century) stands in the Innstadt cemetery.


Roman Museum Kastell Boiotro

Lederergasse 43-45
94032 Passau
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Telefon: +49(0)851 34769


Mar. 1 - Nov. 15:

Tue. - Sun. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


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