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Pastry Vendors Kamal & Taghrid Saballil


Lots of Sweets and even more Hospitality


Kamal and Taghrid Saballil are open for tasting: Baklava, moschabak, and semolina slices. "Lila – Syrische Süßigkeiten" is the name of their store on the corner of Frauengasse and Brunngasse. Anyone who visits them here quickly senses the passion that goes into this small business - and their hospitality.


Kamal Saballil serves Arabic coffee with cardamom. Serving things is what he does often during this conversation. A few times he disappears behind the counter, bringing small bites. He wants people to taste - that's how he and his wife have done it with new customers from the beginning: "We always give them something free to try first," he says. They have already convinced some baklava sceptics this way: "Many only know Turkish baklava and find it too sweet. Our Syrian baklava is less sweet, with more nuts."


A new life with pastries


With their pastries, the Saballils have built a new life in Passau. They fled Syria with their three children in 2014. The two wanted to quickly stand on their own two feet again. But they did not find an opportunity to pursue their previous professions. Kamal is a lawyer, and Taghrid is a dentist. At the refugee shelter in Wegscheid, her husband baked sweets for the community, Taghrid Saballil says: "Many found it delicious and asked: why don't you sell your pastries?" In the fall of 2017, they opened their store in Passau. In 2020, they moved across the street, into larger premises.


Kamal Saballil is determined to serve one more speciality. He brings a plate of filled rolls to the table: Halawet el Jibn (Halwataljeben). A dough made of mozzarella, semolina, rose water and syrup, rolled up with a filling of mascarpone, dipped in ground pistachios. It tastes creamy. Sweet but not too powerful. A successful tasting. Kamal Saballil is satisfied.


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