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The marked round tower with its pointed roof dominates the view over the Innkai. The "Schaiblingsturm" is a popular fotospot and had several functions over the centuries. Today it belongs to the secondary school Leopoldinum and is used for workshops only a few times a year.

In the early days, the Schaiblingsturm was used as ...

... defensive tower: This has been the original function for which the tower was built in 1250 on a rock at the shores of the river Inn. The Schaiblingstower is part of the medieval town walls.

... storage tower: After its renovation in the 15th century, i.a. salt was stored in the tower.

... mooring point: At the time of salt trading, the Schaiblingsturm was mooring point for boats. Until 1957 there was a cable ferry from Schaiblingsturm to Innstadt.

... accommodation: Residents were for example watchmen, journalists as well as actors who worked for the former "Kammerspiele" of Passau.

Interesting facts about the tower

Fire survivor: The Schaiblingsturm survived the big fires from 1662 and 1680 without any damage. Even the wooden roof structure was unscathed.

Paintings: Once there were splendid frescoes on the water side. Wind, weather and water eroded most of it. The frescoes showed St. Christophorus, St. Nikolaus and the municipal coat.

Grey instead of white: For a very long time, the Schaiblingsturm had a bare grey stone facade. It got back its original white colouring during a renovation in 2004. Plaster with lime and sand makes it shine in bright white.

Place to live: The Schaiblingsturm is habitable. It features a central heating and a toilet.



94032 Passau
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