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Fotospot #1: Innkai - the Pier at the Inn River

Densely built houses, a view of the river Inn, rocks on the riverside, the remarkable Schaiblingsturm tower: The Innkai connects the Dreiflüsseeck with the promenade alongside the Inn river and is the most popular promenade in Passau. It is no wonder that this spot ranks at number 1 of all photo spots shared online. Many took the opportunity to take photos - upstream, as well as downstream. The Schaiblingsturm tower with its stone basis, snow white intermediate section and its pointed roof in brick-red is the most popular photo motif as it offers great contrasts in colour.

Tips for the perfect photo:

  • Light: Because of its location towards the south, you can take beautiful pictures at the Innkai at any given time during the day. You will always find a sunny place here. (Click here to see the sun’s course during the day)
  • Sunset: At the right time, you are able to capture the last sun rays shining through the gateway of the Schaiblingsturm. After the sun has set, the afterglow often colours the water of the Inn in shades of red and purple.
  • A ship will come: The three rivers boat trips lead up the Innkai. The boats by the shipping company Wurm + Noé are especially photogenic. You do not have to wait long for one of those to come along: During the main season, the vessels come by every 30 minutes.

From here you can see:


Pilgrimage Church Mariahilf

Three Rivers Conjunction Point

Jesuit Church "St. Michael"


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