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Fotospot #10: View from the Marienbrücke Bridge

The Inn river is the main focus here: The Marienbrücke offers the perfect view on the water power of the mountain river. Just like a ship’s bow, the Altstadt protrude from the left side into the picture. The view from the Marienbrücke, therefore, concludes the Top 10 of our #passaufotospots.

Before the water of the Inn meets the bridge, it has a rather even and flat surface, but after flowing through the bridge piers, the water is whirled up and runs more powerful at a higher water level. This enables to capture some dynamic photographs.  The beautiful houses of the Altstadt form a nice contrast to the water.

Tips for the perfect photo:

  • Light: The best pictures can be taken with the sun shining from behind you. This is when the buildings shine in warm tones and the water glows in green and blue shades. (Click here to see the sun’s course during the day)
  • Cloud pictures: Combine the Inn, the Altstadt, a blue sky and white clouds for a photo with an especially high contrast. Therefore: On days with a typical Bavarian sky coloured white and blue - head to this photo spot!

From here you can see:

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Church "St. Michael"


Veste Oberhaus


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