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Fotospot #4: Cathedral Square

Everyone who is standing here, looks up in wonder. Promise. The portal of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral is displayed in all its glory on this square. The white baroque facade, the green cupola, the ornate gates with a lot of attention to detail: The cathedral square, especially with the view of the cathedral, ranks at number 4 of our Top 10 of #passaufotospots.

You can see the Cathedral’s “guardian” on many of those shared pictures: the statue of the first Bavarian King Maximilian Joseph I., in short: the “Max Monument”.  This monument standing in the Cathedral’s forecourt with several steps leading up to its base is the perfect foreground for photos with perspective. The citizens of Passau named this bronze statue “The Rain Checker”: His stretched out left arm looks like he is trying to feel the first raindrops.

Tip for the perfect photo:

  • Light: The sunlight should come from the south, if you want to capture the Cathedral’s beauty - depending on the season starting at around 1 p.m. The best picture can be taken with the sun shining in from behind your back, this means in the late afternoon or early evening. (Click here to see the sun’s course during the day)

From here you can see:

St. Stephen's Cathedral



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