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Fotospot #8: View from the Suspension Bridge

Even Passau’s locals like to stop while crossing the suspension bridge to take a picture: The view from the pedestrian walkway to the pier, the town hall and the cathedral does never grow old. This is a classic and interesting perspective of Passau and, therefore, ranks at number 8 of our #passaufotospots.

Two particularly remarkable buildings can be captured here: The old Town Hall and the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Looking further down, you are able to see St. Paul’s Church, before the Danube disappears behind a curve. Ships and boats can often times be seen in the photographs, whether it be sightseeing boats, cruises or cargo ships. Pictures taken from the suspension bridge have a maritime flair to them.

Tips for the perfect photo:

  • Light: Light conditions are particularly beautiful here during the “blue hour”. During the transition from sunset to darkness, the illuminated white cathedral builds a great contrast. The lights of the houses are reflecting in the water. (Click here to see the sun’s course during the day)
  • Downstream: The view from the pedestrian crossing from the other side of the bridge is also not to be scoffed at. Veste Niederhaus to the left, pier of the Danube to the right and the first green hills of the Danube valley make up a really nice picture composition.

From here you can see:

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Veste Oberhaus

Town Hall

Church "St. Paul"

Moorings of river cruises


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